Stop managing projects.
Start empowering people.

30% failures

More than 70% of projects fall short of their planned scope and 30% are cancelled before completion.

122% overdue

Projects typically complete at 222% of the duration originally planned at 189% of the originally budgeted cost.

30% wasted

… 30% of lost time due to multitasking, switching, Parkinson’s law, inbox delays and lack of prioritization.

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All in one

Our cloud based time, project and resource management platform monitors and plans your work. In a playful manner you become much more productive.
Empowering !


Supports Scrum, Agile, PRINCE2, ITIL and more project management methods. Uses universal structures to combine your style easily. No more discussions.
Simple !

Up to date

Decisions taken on up-to-date information. No more discussion on data, mixups or false priorities. Motivation increases. Productivity jumps ahead.
Priceless !

Getting projects done today.

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Collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, customers, even outside of your organization. Invite anyone to contribute.


Organize your projects, deliverables and activities in the cloud. Log and monitor your progess using your smartphone

Critical Chain

Focus on the most critical activities presented on top of your list and leave the 100+ activities on your list for tomorrow.

Friso van der Meulen

A true unique platform that logs, schedules and presents my project information so I can spend more time working with my teams.

Friso van der MeulenProject Manager ICT & Productivity at TNO, Den Haag
Ludo Zwaan

This creates quality time to steer the project roles and provoke personal role commitment. Time to manage the project.

Ludo ZwaanCIO University CHE & author
Bas Poppe

In the past I spent 30% of my time on information and communication. Now I do what is a project manager’s most important job: empower my team.

Bas PoppeProject Manager at Humalaya
Xander van der Eelaart

Technical people like me find it hard to estimate time and schedule tasks. Now, I never promise too much and keep my promises.

Xander van der EelaartScheduling programmer

Getting your projects done today.

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